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MY Father

My Father was founded to help men feel confident in who they are.. There comes a time in your life where you start to feel like you want more... You want to be a better husband, a better father, a better boyfriend, a better Man...you just want more..

My Father is a group of men who are all on the same mission to be our best & help others reach their goals!!! 

Father and Son

meet the team


Roland Salas

I was raised by a single mom with no real positive father role model, After having a failed marriage at the age of 27, I realized I have no idea what a man was...


are you ready?

Where to start

Do you want to start but are just not sure how? 



Life can be tough at time and we do get down, lets get you back to the man we both know you can be!

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You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you.... time to find the tribe that you can grow with! 

1 on 1 


Sometimes we just need to bounce some ideas off someone else, and get an outside perspective.

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" Roland... You've awoken something inside me that's been dormant... I was too afraid to let in anyone in my life... It's harsh out there... But you've given me courage to extinguish that fire and come up with a better, stronger self... Call it leveling up.."