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Our Mission

" Our mission is to educate men so that the generations to come are not fatherless "

Our Leadership team


roland salas

Executive Director

I was raised by a single mom with no real positive father role model.  After having a failed marriage at the age of 27 I realized I have no idea what a man was. After taking a few years to self-reflect and to educate myself. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not the only person who was never taught these key characteristics that defines a man. knowledge is power...


"You only know, What you know"


  • Helping others find what drives them

  • Hunting, Fishing, the outdoors

  • Photography and hearing people's stories


  • Teach my daughter good morals and values

  • Become financially independent 

  • To have no regrets on my death bed

About me

jeremiah Oertel 

Operations Manager

I grew up as 'Free Range' as they come and learned to take care of myself and my younger sister at an early age. I have been enterprising my whole life, always looking to make money on my own terms. Despite my independent nature, I did enjoy a 4 year hitch in the Marine Corps. I learned what I hold to be some of the most important lessons about being a man during my service. I carry much of the experience and values from the military with me in life. I strive every day to do the work to show up as the best version of myself, and I aim to surround myself with people that inspire me to be my best. 


  • Spending time with my son,

  • Outdoor adventures,

  • Juggling


  • Build a Legacy

  • Become Financially Independent

  • Be a Physically Fit Beast

John Kerns

Graphic designer

 I grew up in a small town in the Yakima Valley, after my parents divorced around 11 and lived with my dad until he passed away when I was 15.

Really grateful for those years I had with my father and regret not learning more from him and asking him more questions on how to be a man. The years pass by so quick the older I get, so now it feels like I'm playing catch up for improving my life. Trying to make the best of each day with short term and long term goals. 


  • Learning how to fix things

  • Staying productive and busy

  • Listening to hip-hop and rock instrumentals 


  • To get in shape and lose 100 pounds

  •  To get training in Appliance Repair

  • In 2-3 years own my own business

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